About Tara

A Little About Me
I am a self driven natural light photographer who began to dabble with photography after I had my first of two children. I became focused on documenting my children in every day antics that would be forgotten as soon as the moment passed. Of course I love capturing all the major milestones in their lives, but more importantly, I wanted to bottle-up that innocence, free spirit, and chaos in the life of a child. I love the perfect princess shot as much as the exploded bag of flour on the floor with tears rolling down their cheeks. It’s all beautiful to me. Having been raised in a family of thirteen children, my childhood memories are filled with love, madness, insanity, friendships, disappointments and good times. I wouldn’t change a thing. My childhood has made me the person that I am; a dreamer,  a believer, colorful, open minded and witty. I am creative, curly and fun. Oh and I’m messy……very, very messy and I embrace it with excitement and enthusiasm!

My Vision
I want to capture your family just as you are right now in this moment. I want to show the world who you are as a family in all your quirks and goofiness. I realize you may want that perfect shot and I will do everything I can to make it happen, but more than anything, I want to engage your family in real time and take a timeless photograph that will be remembered and treasured for years to come. I want to personally know your family and be more than just a photographer. If I could spend time with you and take a snapshot of who you are right now I promise to give it back to you in a way that you will always remember. All I want is one moment.